September  15 - 17,  2016

Neurological Clinic for Children, Tokyo, Japan

Yoshiko Nomura

Completing my post graduate training in pediatrics (Mayo Clinic, Rochester Minnesota), child neurology (Washington DC Children’s Hospital, Washington DC) and neurology (Georgetown University, Washington DC) in the U.S.A., I was given the opportunity to work as the assistant director at the Segawa Neurological Clinic for Children, Tokyo Japan in 1975 two years after its establishment by Dr. Masaya Segawa.

The clinic work covered the wide range of child neurology. Among those the care and clinical research on Rett syndrome was one of the main theme.

What Dr. Segawa aimed was to understand the diseases at neuron level and find the way of treatment. I learned very much from him. We also practiced not only child neurology, but also life-long neurology.

Dr. Segawa passed away in December 2014, and the clinic automatically closed because it was his private clinic.

On August 1, 2015, I opened my clinic, Yoshiko Nomura Neurological Clinic for Children. I will continue my work and mission as a medical professional.

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