September  15 - 17,  2016

Institute of Medical Genetics, Division of Cancer & Genetics, School of Medicine, Cardiff University

Angus studied Medical and Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, taking his BA Part II in Genetics, and then qualified in Medicine from Oxford University. After registration, he worked in General Medicine and then Paediatrics. He studied the clinical and molecular genetics of ectodermal dysplasia in Cardiff and then worked in clinical genetics and paediatric neurology in Newcastle upon Tyne, developing an interest in Rett syndrome and neuromuscular disorders. He returned to Cardiff in 1989 as Senior Lecturer in Clinical Genetics and is now Professor in Clinical Genetics.

Angus has been custodian of the British Isles Rett Syndrome Survey since 2006 and leads the Cardiff Rett Syndrome Research Group and the Cardiff Rett Syndrome clinic, which was established more than ten years ago. Active projects include molecular research into CDKL5 and FOXG1 variants of Rett syndrome; in collaboration with colleagues from Bristol, the group also wishes to establish clinical trials for the treatment of the autonomic dysfunction in Rett syndrome and refine the outcomes measures for assessing interventions in Rett syndrome.

Angus has also maintained his interest in ectodermal dysplasia and has developed further interests in genetic screening, the genetic counselling process and the social and ethical issues around human genetics. He is engaged in a clinical trial of treatment for ectodermal dysplasia. He also represented the Chief Medical Officer for Wales on the Human Genetics Commission and contributes to discussions of policy and ethics in the UK (British Society for Genetic Medicine; Nuffield Council on Bioethics) and Europe (European Society of Human Genetics). He has (co)authored and edited seven books, including “Genetic Testing: ” (2011 - jointly with Michael Arribas-Ayllon and Srikant Sarangi). He established and directs the Cardiff MSc course in Genetic Counselling and contributes to teaching of MB and BSc students and he has supervised several doctoral (PhD and MD) students.

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